Our Yoga Teachers


Zainab Ji

Meditation And Breathing
Coming from a corporate background, meditation has profoundly changed Zainab's life. With a strong desire to share her transformative journey, she became a meditation instructor and co-founded Yoga Anatomy Rishikesh Academy. Transitioning from a student to a teacher, Zainab has helped over 1000 students and yoga instructors experience positive life changes. Her teaching approach blends personal experience with practical methods, guiding students step by step to unlock their potential. Zainab views meditation as more than just a product, emphasizing its intrinsic value. Those who embrace meditation's power will uncover its ability to propel them to unexpected heights.

Yoga Anatomy

Yogesh Ji

Yoga Anatomy& Body Biomechanics
For the last six years, Yogesh Jakhmola has earned great respect as a yoga Anatomy & Biomechanical Alignment teacher in Rishikesh. He's also a co-founder of Mind Flow Harmony. Leveraging his deep understanding of the human body and nutrition, he's skillfully guided numerous students in enhancing their practice safely. With a Master's degree in yogic science and nutrition certification, he stands out in offering valuable insights to his students. His expertise not only prevents injuries but also imparts practical asana knowledge, establishing him as a significant presence in Rishikesh's yoga community.


Pratibha Ji

Hatha, Alignment, Pranayama
Yoga provided me a fresh start. Back in 2009, I faced a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and other health troubles. There were moments when I almost gave up. However, in 2016, I made a decision to reclaim my well-being and embraced yoga under the guidance of a teacher. This decision facilitated my recovery and allowed me to rediscover my true self.
Motivated by my own journey, I began teaching yoga to support individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and similar challenges. Presently, I'm pursuing a yoga therapy course to extend my ability to assist others effectively. My teaching approach places a strong emphasis on pose alignment. This ensures that individuals grasp their body's movements and capabilities, allowing them to practice poses safely and without harm. Understanding the nuances of each pose and respecting the unique limitations and potentials of each individual is fundamental to becoming a skilled yoga instructor.


Sadhu Ji

Yoga Philosophy
I hold a Master's degree in Yogic Science from Garhwal Himalaya University, Uttrakhand. Additionally, I've earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Advaita Vedanta from Chinmaya International Foundation in Kerala. My journey includes a Diploma in Yoga & Vedanta from Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh. I've also completed a Diploma in Pali Language and pursued Diplomas as well as Advanced Diplomas in Buddhism from VRI and Vipassana Global Pagoda in Mumbai.


Megha Ji

Hatha and Pranayama
From a young age, I've felt a profound bond with the timeless practice of yoga. This passion has driven me to become a seasoned and certified yoga instructor, accumulating an impressive 8-year journey. My joy lies in aiding individuals to tap into their utmost capabilities using the transformative force of yoga. I specialize in Hatha yoga and hold a master's degree in Yoga and Holistic Health. My focus is on enlightening students about the intricate interplay between the body and mind. Guided by a purpose, I strive to assist students in uncovering equilibrium, resilience, and serenity through their engagement with yoga.


Rohit Ji

Hatha , Ashtanga , Yin, Restorative & Sound Bath
Being a native of Rishikesh (born and raised), I've personally discovered yoga as a pathway to genuine self-awareness. This ongoing journey of self-discovery fuels my enthusiastic and passionate approach to teaching yoga.
My expertise encompasses a range of practices including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama, Meditation, and Sound Healing. I hold a Bachelor's degree from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University in Srinagar, Uttarakhand, as well as a Master's degree from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. My teaching footprint extends both within India and internationally.
I offer a variety of sessions including private consultations, group sessions, classes, workshops, and more, all tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.